Learn a little bit about how Cozy Crate came about...

 Hello, I'm Abby!

Cozy Leaf tea was born out of a love for creating tea designed for wellness delicious to sip. Our story began over a decade ago during my college years as a theater major. My throat would hurt after long periods of singing and I discovered I had developed vocal nodes.  In the throes of performances and continuing my musical education, I medicated myself with the only thing that soothed my sore throat - piping hot herbal tea. The problem was that the herbal teas I knew were good for me were also barely palatable. After months of trying to stomach the herbal teas I had purchased, I had enough. I bought ingredients and mixed tea leaves and dried herbs until the tea brew tasted good. And, that was it - the first Cozy Leaf blend was born.

For the rest of my college experience and first years as a wife and mother, I jumped head first into herbology, natural medicine, and tea constantly and began crafting tea blends with each ingredient serving an intentional healing purpose. As I experimented, friends and family began turning to my teas for wellness and relaxation. In 2009, I took the leap and opened Cozy Leaf up for business to the public. Now, Cozy Leaf's collection of herbal teas has grown to over 30 unique blends, each designed for wellness and rich flavor. Our commitment to designing teas with purpose has helped our small business grow from an online shop to a regular natural grocery store option.

As an herbalist, business owner, wife, mother, friend, and tea lover, nothing brings me more comfort during the bustle of everyday life than taking a moment and sipping a hot cup of tea. My teas are my labor of love created for you, designed for a cozy moment of peace. 

Over the years of learning and loving the tea business, I have found a need for a convenient monthly subscription box of Cozy Leaf tea to arrive on your doorstep. Just giving my customers one easier way to enjoy healthy and delicious tea! 

Thank you for joining our journey, choosing Cozy Leaf, and making our teas part of your every day story. 

With love,


And that's how the Cozy Leaf Tea Crate Came to be...