Cozy Leaf Tea Crate

The Cozy Leaf Tea Crate subscription box features 2 different tea blends each month from the Cozy Leaf Collection of premium loose leaf teas arriving on your doorstep the first week of every month! FREE Shipping! No hidden fees! 

Join the Cozy Leaf family of tea drinkers and your first box ships out immediately!


 Tea Crate

Never worry about running out of tea again! This plan gives you 2 different Cozy Leaf teas each month which is 40 servings of premium loose leaf tea delivered to your door monthly! 

Excellent gift for the tea or wellness enthusiast in your life!

$19.99/month!! Free Shipping!

Give yourself or your loved ones the tastiest gift!

How it Works...

Get the details and get the next Crate...

New subscribers will have their first Tea Crate shipped out immediately and then the following Tea Crates will ship out with the other subscribers crates on the first Monday of every month. 

Auto Renew is billed on the 27th and shipped out the first Monday of the following month.

Lets hear a few examples...


For example: Betty in Dallas subscribed on January 7th. She is billed at the time of purchase and her first Tea Crate will ship out immediately. Then she will be billed again February 25th and her next Crate will ship out at the beginning of March. And so on.

Another Example: Susan in Chicago purchased a subscription on January 26th. Her first Tea Crate will ship out immediately and she will receive it within 3 business days. She will not be re-billed again until February 25th which will be the payment for the March box which will ship out at the beginning of March. 

More questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!! The first month can be a bit confusing for new subscribers and we want to make this the best possible experience!! 

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